Saturday, November 11, 2006

Juicy, messy, emotional, passionate

Today's long run brought to me by: Shanti in a mix from the "Stories" ANDC in March 2006. I had shuffle songs on an after about a mile, this mix came on and lasted until mile 9. Thank you Shanti!

Mon:    1 hr. Yoga
Tue:    3.02 mi., 27:35
Wed:    45 min. Yoga
Thu:    5.56 mi., 55:40
        1 hr. Yoga
Fri:    3 mi., 26:32
Sat:    10.01 mi., 1:43:24

Feel like I may be coming down with a cold, but maybe it's just a reaction to the dry season and the dust. I feel a bit spacey, but for some reason, that actually seemed to help on today's run -- I was more relaxed and not so hyper about my pace. But I thought I would do 12 miles and decided to turn around after 5 and only go 10 so I didn't overdo it and get sick. Took what I would consider the "back way" towards Bafut, which is a shorter route, although more treacherous, than the one I biked last Sunday. It was a really nice run because I didn't encounter a single vehicle. I didn't even mind the fact that miles 1.5 to 3 were all uphill.

The past week, or two really, I've been very conscious of all the things I miss. Predominantly things from my own culture like the fine arts, reliable infrastructure, public hygiene, freedom of self-expression. . . But today I had the thought, "I miss love." A startling thing to think, but it rang true. I miss real, concrete, here's-another-person-in-your-life kind of love. I've never really been much for abstract love (you know, like "love your fellow man"), although there is some intellectual appeal in that direction. But it doesn't feel real enough to me; I'm too practical and kinesthetic to find that wholly satisfying, I think. I want wipe-the-snot-from-a-child's-nose kind of love. I want heated argument kind of love. I want juicy, messy, emotional, passionate kind of love. 

Just in case you wanted to know, God.

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