Monday, November 27, 2006

Time, plenty of time

Mon:    Yoga    50 min.
Tue:    Yoga    50 min.
Wed:    Yoga    48 min.
        Run     4.65mi  44:41
Thu:    Yoga    45 min.
        Run     3.01mi  29:30
Fri:    Yoga    30 min. (then chanted and meditated for 90 min.)
        Run     3.07mi. 32:49
Sat:    Run     6.43mi. 1:02:34
Sun:    Yoga    50 min.
        Bike    8.86mi. 47:42

I was able to start back running this week, which was really good. And, you'll notice that I did yoga 6 out of 7 days. That was really, really good. I can see at least three immediate benefits to doing yoga every day:

        first, if I'm feeling tired or sore, I feel freer to do a more restorative or relaxing session, rather than feeling as if I must do something strenuous to "get more bang for the buck".

        second, I experience changes in my body -- I can feel that I am more flexible some days than others or in certain parts of my body more than other parts.

        third, yoga is becoming more of a spiritual practice, particularly an awareness exercise, than physical exercise.

Alors, bon, I think I will continue like this.

One thing that is very good for me about Africa is the slower pace of life. When I am trying to get things done, or feeling like I should, this is often frustrating. However, since the entire context of life is far more basic and moves much more slowly, it is easier for me to be more gentle with myself, as I have needed to be this week after being ill. One thing most Africans seem to feel they have is time. They may not have money, they may not have technology, they may not have things, but everyone has time, plenty of time. This is so different than the US where the general feeling is that there is not enough time for anything.

As Chris Rice's song, "Life Means So Much," says:

        Every day is a bank account
        And time is our currency
        Nobody's rich, nobody's poor
        We get 24 hours each
        So how are you gonna spend
        Will you invest, or squander
        Try to get ahead
        Or help someone who's under

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