Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bad day for the right foot

Today's long run brought to me by: Giamma -- his ComeUnion set, brilliant and funky which then seemlessly (thanks to my iPod's shuffle songs feature) morphed into Eric Sharp's Summer Fling set. Musically, it was an awesome run -- thank you gents!

This week:

Mon     Yoga 20 min.
Tues    Yoga 50 min.
        Run 5.04 mi. 46:40
Wed     Run 3.27 mi. 29:32
        Yoga 50 min.
Thu     Run 5.19 mi. 46:48
Fri     Run 3.08 mi. 31:11
        Yoga 50 min.
Sat     Run 3.15 mi. 28:52
        Yoga 60 min.
Sun     Run 11.82 mi. 1:58:45

Hmm, didn't even get on the bike this week. I would have ridden to Bambui today but I had to go to Bamenda yesterday early so I didn't do my long run then and we had a celebration lunch after church, put on by the families of the four people who were baptized and re-admitted into the church today, so I had to let that digest before I could go out for my run. But tomorrow I need to go to Bambui to pick up the vitamins I ordered and the yoga blocks I am getting made.

You should have seen the faces of the boys at the woodshop when I was describing to them what I wanted. Quite incredulous. "A box?", "No, not a box, just a block." "??? Okay". We shall see if they understood my funny American accented English.

Oh, about the right foot. Well, I woke up and the little toe on my right foot was really hurting. It hurt yesterday and I thought it was a hot spot -- a precursor to a blister. But this morning it was much worse and I realized that I had a jigger in it. I think I succeeded in getting it out, but it was a painful process and it still hurts. Then, whle I was running, the front of my ankle was hurting. My initial diagnosis was perhaps my shoelaces were too tight, but no. It kept getting worse and after about 7 miles I retied my shoes leaving a big gap in the middle. That didn't help. Around 10 miles or so, I tied the shoe higher up my foot. That helped a little. When I got home and took the shoe and sock off, I had quite a bruise on my foot. I have no idea why this got so irritated. Poor right foot. Today was not its day.

Sunday afternoon is a sweet time to run. I had one of those "all is right with the world" feelings. Bands of children were playing happily in many places along my route -- I ran through several football games. Adults were hanging around socializing and drinking. At the beginning of my run, this made everyone mellow, but by about 5:00pm some guys were getting rowdy. I ran past a bar and heard some guy yelling and I think he actually attempted to run out to the road when he saw me. But alas, too much mimbo (drink) kept him from his quest, whatever it may have been. But here, Sunday afternoons are just for BEING not for doing. People sit and talk; people walk and talk; people drink and talk; children play and talk. All is well. What a nice way to end/begin the week.

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