Friday, December 08, 2006

A quandary

So here's the quandary I'm faced with:

        Do I run in the morning or the afternoon?

You see, the mornings are cold and getting colder. By North American standards, they are currently just chilly, but *really* chilly and it's a bit harsh coming back to a cold shower. Some mornings I can get by with a short sleeve shirt and socks on my hands, but other mornings I have to wear a long sleeve shirt (of which I only have two).

By the late afternoon, after work, it is warm -- sleeveless shirt weather.

The advantage to the morning is that nothing else in my schedule can interfere ("I'm tired," drank a beer at lunch, didn't get back from Bamenda until dark, etc.). It also revs up my metabolism first thing and it's a great way to start the day, knowing the most important thing is done.

The disadvantage to the afternoon, aside from scheduling issues and the possibility of being a slug is that it is BUGGY. I spend the whole time wiping them from my face and have to squint my eyes and keep my mouth closed to avoid ingesting them (gotta remember to wear sunglasses).

The schoolchildren in the morning are also a great plus -- they think I am a riot. But I hate the cold. Really I do. The Swedish genes in me must have gotten damaged somehow. And we are just at the beginning of the season now. Everyone tells me it really gets cold in January.

Hmm. Well, a friend sent me a package that includes my running gloves and a couple more long-sleeve shirts, so maybe I'll survive the morning cold.

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