Monday, January 22, 2007

Lome, Togo

So, I've spent the last week in Lome, the capital of Togo. It's flat, which was nice. And a city, so I did much more road running than at home. But I did hit the beach a bit, since it is also on the Atlantic Ocean. The weather was perfect -- not too hot, not too cold. Really beautiful weather, even if the harmattan haze kept the sun covered all the time.

Most days I was running solitary, with the exception of a football team on a training run and a boys phys. ed. class. (That was very funny -- the boys came around this corner towards me and were, naturally I think, spread by age/height -- from those taller than me down to some boys who didn't come up to my shoulders -- all in bright yellow shirts and followed by their coach blowing a whistle.) Sunday, however, is when everyone does their workouts (this is true in Yaounde also -- I think it's an African thing -- weekend warriors here are much more likely to be runners than basketball players). So on Sunday, I had tons of company, including one young man who ran beside me for over 2 miles, matching my pace, in, uhm, flip flops. But, hey I'm a middle-aged woman, so. . .

Here are my runs. No cycling, for obvious reasons and no yoga because I was staying with a friend in his one room and there just wasn't space.

Mon:   nothin'
Tue:    4.47mi   38:15    to the Ghana border & back
Wed:   7.05mi   1:03:53    the second half was on the beach, in the sand
Thu:    4.29mi    37:55   through the city
Fri:     12:11mi   1:49:15     went to the border twice to get in the miles
Sun:   4.30mi     38:05   through the city again

If you're interested, I'll be posting photos of Lome to my Flickr site in a few days and some reflections on my other blog. So check them out:

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