Sunday, January 14, 2007

A week back in Fonta

Well, I returned to Fonta and definitely felt the difference in my running. Between the addition of hills, trails and two bike rides, my quads got much more of a workout than they had been getting for the previous couple of weeks. I was going to run long Saturday morning before heading off to Bamenda to buy a bus ticket to go to Douala to get on a plane and go to Togo, but I got food poisoning (ate small portion of a rotten egg -- yuk!). I feel better now (Sunday noon), but Saturday was tough.

This week:

Mon:    Run     5.01 mi 43:07
        Cycle   9.05 mi 48:44
Tue:    Run     3 mi    25:14
        Cycle   8.34    45:02
Wed:    Run     6.69    1:18:14         Got lost!
        Yoga    30 min
Thu:    Run     3.07 mi 31:44
Fri:    Run     2 mi.  
Sat:    nothing
Sun:    probably nothing

I notice that I really hate it when I am "running strong" one week and much weaker the next. I think I should continually improve and improve and improve and I should feel like I am improving. Waxing and waning, not my thing. Even when I have a reasonable explanation for why I ran slower and felt more tired, I still do not like it.

Nonetheless, I was listening to an audiobook that asked the question -- what are 10 things that are at the core of your happiness and joy? And one of those things for me is definitely my body -- it's strength and fitness. My ability to run and bike and walk and do basically whatever I want to do. To feel almost at the top of my form as I am quickly approaching my 45th birthday. Even it's ability to get better when it is hit with things like malaria and dysentery and food poisoning. I think the ultimate compliment would be, when I'm 70 or 80 or 90 for people to say, "she's a tough old bird." Yea, that's something to shoot for.

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