Monday, January 29, 2007

Week of 22-Jan-07

Mon:    Ran     3.17mi  27:47   Togo
Tue:    Biked   8.66mi  54:19   Fonta
Wed:    Ran     6.53mi  59:54
Fri:    Ran     3.75mi  33:58
Sat:    Ran     5.58mi  56:49
Sun:    Ran     8.00mi  1:18:59
        Biked   8.98mi  52:00

Meant to do a long run, but on Saturday morning I got "distracted" by the computer and so didn't get out to run until midday. Then I'd lost the motivation to go 12-14 miles and it was HOT. Sunday morning, I got up and out early, so I did get in 8 miles, but I was tired from the day before and had to get to church, so I didn't go longer. But mileage for the week was 27.02, so that's fine.

I did this exercise (from Lynne Twist's Unleashing the Soul of Money audiobook) -- "name 10-20 gifts and blessings that are at the core of your happiness and joy." Two of my ten were:

3.      Running. It's also at the core of my sanity, which I'm sure makes other people happy :o I love to run. I love the process of running, even when I don't like a particular run that much. I love running in new places. I love surprising people when they see me. I love inspiring little girls. Running rocks.

10.     My body--health, strength, flexibility, ability, toughness. Oh yea. I've weathered a couple of falls off the bike, malaria and dysentery and food poisoning. I eat new and fascinating things. I walk, I run, I ride, I sit on buses for hours on end and sleep on widely varying qualities of mattresses and get eaten alive by mosquitos and other things. And my body is doing great. I try to do the right things (stand up straight, sit up straight, drink water, don't eat wheat, stretch, floss once in awhile), but even when I am far less than perfect, my body adapts.

I also listed Music -- which I listen when I run and have since the cassette walkman was first invented (like 1978?) Before that, I had to sing to myself when I ran which was sometimes hard to do :)

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