Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Great resources to share

There are some running and yoga-related podcasts that I listen to regularly that I wanted to share and recommend in case any of you are interested. I cannot download these here in Cameroon -- there's no such thing as broadband here! But a dear friend in the US downloads them, puts them on a CD and mails them to me each month.

First, a great source for running music is Podrunner created by dj steveboy:  These are podcasts he produces weekly, I believe, although there are a ton in the catalogue you can download now. Each mix is about an hour long, has a theme and a stated bpm (usually from about 135 to 170 bpm). I find dj steveboy's mixes great to run with and they keep me going when my butt is dragging. Check 'em out.

The other great podcast to recommend is Yogamazing with Chaz Rough: Again this is a weekly podcast with a year's worth of archive of yoga classes. Each class has a theme and is roughly 20 minutes long. I usually combine 2 or 3 of them to make an whole yoga session for myself. I love these because they let me "take a class" even though there are no yoga teachers anywhere around. Also, Chaz is a fun guy. Even when he's trying to be deep and spiritual, he's has such a happy voice that nothing seems too serious. This is particularly good for me.

I also love to listen to Steve Runner's Phedippidations podcast: but I can't listen to that while I run (I can't listen to talking, it just doesn't work for me), so I usually listen to this when I am making dinner! It's very inspiring nonetheless.

So, go check out some of these folks.


dj steveboy said...

Howdy, Rev. Tracy! Thanks so much for recommending Podrunner, and I'm glad to be running with ya!

Rev. Tracy said...

Hey, it's totally my pleasure. You do great mix!