Saturday, April 14, 2007


Well, the whole Internet thing has been frustrating this week. On April 1 I moved to Bamenda and, simultaneously MTN (the cellphone company) disconnected their cellphone-based Internet access because the "free trial" is over. Even though we signed up on the 2nd or 3rd for a plan, it's now the 14th and there is still no access. That means I need to go to an Internet café which is okay except that the only one near my apartment that allows me to hook my computer into their network has been having trouble with their provider for a few days (guess who? MTN!)

Don't let the web-based promoters fool you. Putting everything on the web does NOT make it accessible. It is almost painful to write e-mails in my web-based client because the connections here are so slow and I can type so much faster than the letters show up on the screen. For some reason, although the cellphone access was very, very slow (due to limitations in cellphone technology), the connection tended to be stronger -- so my mail would come down and go out, just slowly.

In this midst of that irritation, thank goodness I have running. That is going well. I am discovering new paths around my side of the city and I have biked to work a couple of times which is really an adventure here in the city. (One thing I learned the other day is that, at least during commute hours, the safest place to be is in the middle of the road because the taxis pull over with no warning every few feet and there are hundreds of people on the sides of the road.) I realized a few months ago that mobility is very important to me -- something I really appreciate -- and now I realize that communication/the ability to stay connected with people is equally as important. This week I'm only achieving 50%, but I'm happy to have that.

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