Saturday, May 05, 2007

Thoughts on being sick and the future

Well, my knee kept bothering me, but that didin't keep me from running. I did do a few more yoga sessions and take one more day off per week, but it seemed like it hurt most when I sat for too long, which made me think it was good to keep it moving. Then last Wednesday I got sick. At first, after running 7 miles in the morning and feeling the whole way like I was having trouble breathing, I thought I might have malaria. As the day went along, I just felt dead tired. But I got a test (I happened to be working at Mezam Polyclinic that day, so this was an easy thing to do) and it came back negative. So maybe I just had a plain old ordinary cold? How banal! But that did get me to take off two days in a row and I do feel a lot better now. Not 100% but definitely back to about 90-95%. I do notice that a running injury will not get me to stop running but being sick will. Interesting.

I'll be traveling up to the Far North next week which makes running trickier -- I'm literally "on the road" 4 out of 5 days. But Maroua is really nice because it is FLAT. Last time I was there, I had really fast times even on my long runs. So, I’m looking forward to that.

I need a pair of hard-core trail running shoes. Inov-8 is "the" company in this field, but I couldn't figure out what model would fit my needs (muddy, wet hills -- slick, slick red mud), so I sent them an e-mail and got a reply from a Head Designer. Head Designer for a trail shoe company. . . That sounded like a sweet, sweet job to me. I love well-designed tools -- things that really do their job well. And so that got me thinking about what I want to do with my life.

One thing I know is that I like things that work, things that work well. And I like to make things work well. My background is not in physical tools, but more management tools. So, I would really like to find a job (after my stint here in Cameroon) where I could work with people, organizations, businesses, teams, to help them really work well. The great thing is that I am in a position now to do exactly that with the three organizations I am currently working with here in Bamenda. So, I will be keeping this in mind over the next months and trying to identify what I really like to do and what I am really good at (for instance, I facilitated a workshop a couple of weeks ago and was reminded, yet again, both of how much I enjoy facilitation and how good I am at it). This is all part of the bigger picture of taking a stand for happiness and I am finding it very helpful to be in this inquiry about what makes me happy.

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