Saturday, June 02, 2007


The last week or two have found me doing some exploring on my runs. The same old routes that I've gotten used to are a bit stale and so I've wandered a bit further off the beaten path. I love to explore, but I hate to be lost, so I'm often in this tension between going off to see where some path goes and taking the "safe route" that I know.

One drawback of exploring is that I can overshoot or undershoot my intended distance for the day. Last week I was in Yaoundé and ran from the Faculté de Thèologie in Etoa Meki to Mt. Fèbè. When I got to the top, I met two other ex-pats, Phillippe and Lindsay, who invited me to run with them. They were going down the other side of the Mount with which I was unfamiliar, so I was happy to have them show me the way. It was a great run down -- fast and loose. They turned off to climb up another hill while I headed back home via the Palais de Congres. The whole run was great and I got to see a new section of Yaoundé, but the run ended about a half mile short of what I had wanted to run.

This past week, I was exploring back here in Bamenda. When I look out my window, I see this large school on the hill across the valley. Now I've learned that the school is GBHS (Gov't Bilingual High School). Someone told me that "down, down" behind GBHS is a playing field with a track. I've been considering doing some speed work and a track would be very handy, so I thought I'd go try to find this place. Now I have gone around that area three times looking for this playing field, but I have not succeeded in finding it. But again, I've discovered whole new routes to run. It helps having a mission, even if I do not succeed!

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I saw your comment in the Phed World-Wide Half site.

Your blog is fantastic. I appreciate what (is to me) an exotic and wonderful discussion.

Thanks for sharing!