Monday, August 13, 2007

Compliments and Injury


I am not happy.

My hip has been annoying me most of the week. Sore, but not enough to stop me from working out. I did yoga (but not on Saturday) and did some IT band stretches, but I wasn't really worried about it. Sunday, I headed out for a short and fast version of my long run (relatively speaking -- the Mezam River run which is 11.5 miles -- and my coach told me I needed to work on my speed). I was doing really well for the first half, averaging about 8:10 min/mi and running with Spencer, a new guy to our club. The second half was a bit slower, down to 8:30, but still I was doing well. The hip was bothering me, but that was all.

I did keep adjusting my pelvic tilt and my general form because the hip was getting tight enough to alter my gait a bit. Then, about 8 miles into the run, I can feel my piriformis getting tight, I think it was actually cramping. By 9 miles I had to actually walk up hill, I could not lift my left leg (this is all happening on the left, the right is totally fine). I was so not happy. I had been on track to reduce my time (and make my coach happy, which I noticed made a difference to me). By the time I got to the hill just below Veterinary Junction and met Benedicta (who came down to spur me to finish fast), I stopped altogether and snapped at her when she suggested that I keep running. Sorry about that.

This morning I didn't go do our workout, but did an hour of yoga instead, but the hip is still hurting a lot. I'm hoping that a physiotherapist I just met last night will agree to give me a consult sometime later today.

I'm not good when I'm injured. It makes me irritable. I hope I can remember at least occasionally to have some compassion for myself and for those around me when I'm bitchy. . .

On a more positive note, as we were running through Ntarinkon market, Spencer said something to me, so I turned off my iPod and asked him. "They called you Siri, Siri." he said. "What does that mean?," I asked, thinking it was yet another derogatory word for white person or woman or something. "It means they are calling you a daughter of Bafut because you have run all the way out there," he told me. Oh, well then. Gee, thanks guys. That's sweet.

Totally changed my opinion of Ntarinkon market!

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