Saturday, September 15, 2007

Quick update

Eegads, I didn't realize it had been so long since I updated this blog. . .

Quick update. Spent week before last in Yaoundé staying up way too late, drinking too much and eating too much and the wrong sorts of things. Only ran once. Eegads. See why I need a team?

Then this week, butt dragging as I encounter my first week of our intensified training (additional evening track workouts on Mon, Wed & Fri), I'm doing okay. I missed Wednesday due to a work commitment and woke up Thursday thinking I had some funny kind of cramp in my side. When the fever and chills came I knew it was more serious and testing at the clinic says I have a kidney infection. This is really not nice. I hurt all over. Each day the pain change (yesterday it was the front of my insides all over, today it is the back of my insides all over). In addition, I'm completely constipated. So far the Tylenol is working to control the fever, but otherwise I feel horrible. This it not something you want to get. And of course, I have no idea how I got it.

The only good news is sleep works reasonably well, so I get some relief then.