Wednesday, October 03, 2007


The medicine seems to have done the trick and I'm now recovered from the kidney infection. Nasty business, that. My running still seems a bit slow, but I'm out there. Our racing season is coming up fast, and I'm feeling a bit anxious about being prepared. Particuarly for the SoNaRa Marathon which is sometime near the end of November. Two months out, they still have not announced (at least that we can find out) the actual date. I'm not sure if this is a matter of typically poor Cameroonian planning (or perhaps not so much poor as non-existant) or withholding of information (another common Cameroonian practice). We regularly get information about a supposed race the week before it is to take place (and then Emmanuel has to run around to see if the rumour is really true, what the prizes are, and assess whether it is worth participating). Nonetheless, this marathon is always at the end of November, so that is what I'm prepping for. And so it will be a week or two after the PMUC semi-marathon (half-marathon) which is either the 10th or the 17th. . .

I'm in Uganda now for a couple of weeks and although I haven't figured out how to get in my speedwork sessions, I am at least putting in the miles in the mornings. The good thing about Kampala is that it is very hilly, so I get a fair amount of resistance work just by going out and running. None of the hills are as sharp and steep as those around Bamenda, but many of them are much longer. The rainy season has sort of begun here, but it behaves very differently than in Cameroon. In Cameroon, it basically rains everyday for a couple of hours (sometimes twice or three times for an hour separated by dry weather). In Uganda, at least now, it rains for a whole day, then doesn't rain for a day or two. It's quite hot when it is not raining (well, 80's F in the middle of the day, which is quite hot compared to Bamenda), and really cools down a lot when it rains. If it rains too much, I'm going to have to buy a sweater. Fortunately, mornings are quite pleasant for running (except for battling the traffic), although it is very dusty, so when I get back to the guest house, I look like I was lying in a tanning bed. Until I shower, of course!

I did a nice 2 hours 13.2 mi run on Sunday, did yoga Monday morning, ran 6 miles Tuesday morning and 8 miles this morning. This morning I chose a different route down a road I'd never travelled on. On the map it looked like it would be a pleasant run in the country. Wrong! Turned out to be a major thoroughfare and paved 90% of the way. Don't think I'll go down there again, I nearly got hit by cars or motorcycles more than once. I believe my life is, essentially, in God's hands, but I don't really think it's too smart to tempt fate.

I'm happy that I'm running here. If I got out of the habit, as I did the week I was in Yaoundé, that would have been a serious setback in my training which I don't think I could afford. A little fear is a great motivator.

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