Friday, November 09, 2007

The Paku Vita

No one seems to know what the name means, but this was some government's attempt to create a place for people to exercise. The track is 2.5km and pretty darn hilly. And beautiful. You'd never know that you were just a short distance away from 3 major streets in Bamenda.

Along the course, there are several kind of parcourse workout zones -- a mean set of stairs that Emmanuel (our coach) made us do frog jumps up 5 times (ouch), some chinup bars that are made for giants (really, the tallest is at least 7 feet high), that sort of thing. It's as if someone saw a photo of a parcourse and tried to recreate it, but had no real idea how it was meant to be used.

I ran here several times before I joined the Mezam Stars and, though I had heard of the Paku Vita, did not know that this was it. It doesn't really look like much.

The one thing I did NOT photograph is down the hill to the right of where I am standing taking this picture -- one of two dumps in the city. Yes, they put a dump right in the middle of the track (or they ran the track right through the middle of the dump, I'm not sure which). Clearly this is not a "running culture". . .

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