Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Wish me luck (please!)

Okay, I just need to say that running this half-marathon next Saturday and a marathon in two weeks is intimidating. The other people in my club are running to win or place so that they earn money. This is not a goal for me. I like the half-marathon distance, but I feel a lot of pressure to run really well, really fast (for me) and that is causing me some anxiety.


And the marathon. . . Well, I haven't run a marathon in 21 years. The last (and only) one I ran was the Chicago Marathon in 1985. Okay, make that 22 years. I'm very, very anxious about the marathon. Not just because of the distance (which intellectually I know I can cover because I have done it), but also because Limbe, where the marathon is run, is very hot and humid. Bamenda is very humid, but it's not hot. Particularly not at 6am when we run. But the marathon starts at 8am and who knows when it *really* starts because, after all, this is Africa. And again, those on my team who will be running, are running because they think they can place in the top 10 and earn some money.


If anyone is reading this, please wish me luck. Thanks.

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