Friday, December 21, 2007

Cows and frogs

I have been able to run a few times during the Yoga Teachers Training. I finally went out the road behind the Ashram which goes into villages vs. the main road. Much more pleasant.

Saturday I ran 10.5 mi in an hour and a half and ran through about 10 different villages. At one point, I ran past what can only be described as a cow park -- like a car park, but for cows. Everyone was coming home at the end of the day and parking their cows while they went home.

Between Saturday and Wednesday when I was able to run again, it rained and rained and rained. What had been a field on Saturday was a pond by Wednesday! As I ran by, I could not hear the music on my iPod because the frogs were making so much noise. It was incredible. Now every evening we are serenaded by a million mating frogs. They do rest at some point, but that point is sometime after 1:30am and 4:30am. Amazing!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

My first run in India

Well, the Swami tried to discourage me (from running) 'cause it would make me tighter and not enhance my yoga practice, but he did give me permission. So this afternoon when we had free time, I went out for a run. 6.75mi in about an hour. It was nice. It's warm here, but cooler today than it was yesterday and it was mostly overcast, so it was quite comfortable. The terrain is flat all around the Ashram, which is also a nice change of pace. I didn't sleep much while travelling, so it was a nice easy run. It felt good to get the cobwebs out and it made the swelling in my ankles go down, which was really, really nice. I was feeling quite uncomfortable.
We are out in the country, about half a kilometer from the main road. I was entertainment for many people along my route!
Don't know if I'll be able to run any more while I'm here, but I hope to on my one day off each week. It felt really good to get out and now I can say that I've run in India!