Monday, January 07, 2008

Back home, ugh!

Well, after a long journey (almost 72 hours), I have returned home to Bamenda. This morning I went out for a semi-long run -- 12 miles -- not really very long, but at least it was two hours. Although it was much cooler (colder, really) than in India which usually speeds me up, the hills were hard. It was totally flat around the ashram in India. I forgot how cold it can be early in the mornings now that we are in the dry season. I was quite underdressed. But it motivated me to keep moving!

While I was gone, the dry season arrived fully. Now the road to my house that used to be and inch or two of mud is an inch or two of dust. And the inside of the house -- wow, everything was slightly orange from the dust.

I woke up this morning without much effort and felt fine, figured I'd caught up on all the sleep I didn't get while traveling. But now, having run and gone to church, all I want to do is take a nap. Even during church, every time I closed my eyes, I was tempted to doze off. Unfortunately, the Mezam Stars have a meeting at my house in about 45 minutes.

At the meeting, I'll find out what our training plan is for the month. We are now in the final weeks of preparation for the Mt. Cameroon Race (17 February). I think my long run is going to be running Up Station several times (1.5 mi uphill), that was the thinking a couple of months ago. Charles and I are running the Veteran's course at Mt. Cameroon which is 8km up and 8km down. That doesn't sound like much, but finishing in 3 hours is considered very respectable, so that gives me some indication of how difficult it is. The full race is 16km straight up and 16km down. I'm glad I'm doing the Veteran's course.

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Hey RevRuns!

Hope the yoga retreat was fun.
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