Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Countdown to Mt. Cameroon

Sunday I did my last long run before the Mt. Cameroon Race for Hope. I went Up Station and out to Akum and back. Pretty big hills on the way out, but I did okay. The only problem was that the sciatica I have been feeling on my right side started bothering me during the run, which hadn't been happening previously. Later in the afternoon, I was really stiff and sore.

I left the house a little after 6am so on the way to Up Station there was quite a crowd. Three little boys who were walking until they turned and saw me behind them, then they started running. . . Until they got tired and started walking again, but then they turned and saw that I was still slogging up the hills so they had to start running again. Then there was the guy whose shorts were so low on his butt that it took all the self-control I could muster to not just reach over and yank them down!

Today I hope to see a physiotherapist about the sciatica. I know a good deep massage would make a world of difference. Yoga is helping some, but I need more. I definitely want to show up at Mt. Cameroon in the best shape possible.

Benedicta, Paul and Emmanuel went to Batia, near Bafoussam this past weekend to run in the Mt. Batia race. Paul did well, coming in 5th. Benedicta did great and came in 2nd (with Emmanuel pacing her). The woman who beat her was the same one who won in Njinikom. The 4 top women were there at Mt. Batia, so now they all know where they stand and who their competition is for Mt. Cameroon. I really hope Benedicta does well on Mt. Cameroon -- 1st or 2nd would be great -- because the money is relatively good and they certainly need it.

Then, I've just heard that the Njalla Quan marathon is going to be in March rather than April. Apparently it is held on Easter weekend, whenever that is, and this year Easter is coming quite early -- 23 March. So basically a month after Mt. Cameroon. So now I am even more happy to be running the veteran's course at Mt. Cameroon.

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George said...

Tracy: I recently saw a beautiful, uplifting documentary about the Mt. Cameroon race, ( when I stumbled across your blog it felt like Providence! So, good luck and run well!