Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Feeling better

Well, today (Wednesday) I am finally starting to feel a bit better about my training. Sunday I bagged it just before 10 miles (there's this huge hill at Bambui 4-corners and I just couldn't do it). But yesterday we did a tempo run and my average pace was 8:24 per mile, so that's more like it. I want it to be much closer to 8:00, but at least I'm now in the ballpark. Did an easy hour this morning and I feel good. Phew! We all seem to be having problems (except Benedicta but she's the youngest, so. . . ). Emmanuel has some stomach problem that is sounding a lot like an ulcer to me. Poor guy. I told him if it doesn't get better by next week he should go back to the doctor and say he thinks it's an ulcer. I'm always giving these guys advice about pains and injuries. Even all the basic running issues (runner's knee, plantar fasciatis, IT band syndrome, etc.) they have virtually no information about and believe me, the doctors here are not athletes. . .

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