Monday, March 24, 2008

A pretty good week

So scaling our training plan back a notch seems to have helped me. I'm feeling much more myself this week. Tuesday morning we did a 30 minute tempo run rather than 40 minutes. Wednesday we did an hour-long run rather than an hour and a half. Thursday I did 10 hill repeats rather than 18 or so. So this morning I ran 16 miles in about 2:40, although the last mile was a real cooldown and included walking up the hills. But I ran much, much stronger than the last couple of weeks.

Benedicta had fever on Thursday (maybe even Wednesday) so she rested Thur through Sat. She ran pretty well this morning, but at the end she said she had a problem with her knees.From the place she said it hurt (front lower part) it sounded like "runner's knee" to me. Probably because she ran nearly 3 hours last Sunday after not having run more than 1.5 hours for about a month. Uggh. There was an article in Runner's World sometime recently about runner's knee, so I told Emmanuel to look through the magazines he has.

Emmanuel's stomach didn't seem to be bothering him as much today as it has been all week. He also rested Thur through Sat because it was continuing to hurt all week. I didn't ask if he'd gone back to the doctor yet.

And Ernest showed up today. He's been very off and on with training since Mt. Cameroon, but I'm guessing it's because he only has one pair of very worn out shoes. Fortunately I can fix that! A friend from Canada who works with people with disabilities here (and comes to Cameroon a couple of times a year) has just arrived with a pair of brand new shoes for him. Yeah! I haven't told him yet, it's going to be a surprise. We just need to get together so I can pick them up.

And what of the Njalla Quan marathon? We've been wondering and wondering and the rumours have been flying right and left. But the guys from the Federation finally said last week that they heard that the government asked everyone to not stage any major events until they are sure things have settled down around the country in the wake of the strike that took place a couple of weeks ago (and during which over 20 people were killed). In the meantime, we'll build up our mileage more slowly and wait to hear.

Today is Easter. In a rather rare occurrence, Easter is falling within days of the Spring Equinox. Here in Cameroon, the rainy season has begun (only a couple of months after last year's ended). In so many domains, things are lining up to say, "New Life!"

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nigel said...

Hello Rev Run. Hope you are enjoying yourself. If you get a chance to stop by Kikaikelaki, tell my great granny"mother of cardinal tumi" that I say hi. Tell her Nigel from minnesota. Have fun;