Thursday, April 24, 2008

Plagued by injuries

I was doing just fine. Benedicta fell on our Sunday run a couple of weeks ago and hurt her knee pretty badly, so she hasn't been training at all. Then Ernest seems to be showing up sporadically. He's not injured (thank goodness), just tired because he works as a mechanic which in Cameroon involves a *lot* of heavy lifting. Yesterday Emmanuel was telling me his heel was hurting a lot. I did some research and my amateur opinion from his description is plantar fasciitis. Then this morning on my way to Finance Junction hill, I twisted my ankle bad. I felt it at the time (and swore appropriately), but kept running on it as it seemed okay. But now it is 8 hours later and, oh man, I really hurt it bad. Of course, this happens when I have no power in my house, which means no refrigerator, which means no ice pack. I may stop at the Congelcam (frozen fish store) and see if I can beg some ice off of them.

Now, if you saw the conditions in which I run, not the least of which is the darkness at 5:45am, you would be thinking, "gee, it's pretty amazing that it took you 20 months to sprain your ankle" and you'd be right. But naturally, I thought I was immune by now.

We had just decided that we are going to change our training program to follow the Hanson brother's "moderate, consistent" plan (as Steve Runner calls it, I think maybe I'll just tell everyone to take the next week off and rest up and we'll start the new plan on 1 May.

What's the message here? My teammates may be younger than me but that doesn't make them immune to the hazards of running. And the rainy season has arrived and that makes the road more treacherous not only for motorcycles and cars (I have witnessed 4 accidents yesterday and today), but also for us runners.

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