Friday, May 23, 2008

Too long

Well, a week and a half or so ago, I realized it had been way too long and I composed a good post (via Facebook) and then the lines went down (a common occurrence) and I lost the post. Then I just couldnt reconstruct it. Uggh.

Lesson learned. I set up the blogs to be able to take posts by e-mail for a reason. For *this* reason. I can compose them on my laptop where they will not get lost.

So now where was I before I was so rudely interrupted?

Ah yes, injuries, rain. . . Weve decided to back off training for awhile. There are no races scheduled and people clearly need a rest. My right hip is sore, Emmanuel has plantar fasciitis, Benedicta has runners knee and Ernest is finishing up his apprenticeship and is in the period where his master gets to test him by making him work 12+ hour days. And, of course, the rains have come.

So the plan is that well run together on Sundays and the rest of the week, people should just run on their own, at least 3-4 times, to maintain their fitness. I tried to go running this morning, but just as I was about the leave, the heavens opened up and dumped a foot of rain on Bamenda. Tomorrow. . .

I have two videos that I just gave to Emmanuel to watch which Id like to incorporate into our training. One is Evolution Running which focuses on running technique foot strike, cadence, etc. Something which runners rarely think about. Athletes in most other sports are always working on their technique, but somehow we think we all know how to run the right way. These guys beg to differ and promise faster speed and less injury. We shall see.

The other video is called Building a Better Runner and shows several routines for preventing injuries, building general strength and warming up.

Im hoping that if we spend some time now in the off-season on technique and strength, well be faster and less injury-prone. In the meantime, I am really appreciating the opportunity to run cause I want to, not cause I have to.

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