Thursday, June 19, 2008

100 Pushups

Running is good for you in so many ways. But not in the upper-body strength domain. It really has nothing to offer there. And yet, having good upper-body strength actually helps long distance runners a lot (by helping us stay erect and be less tired).

On top of that Ive gained some weight when I was actually trying to lose a little. Im not actually sure why I am gaining weight, but its enough that I have very, very negative conversations happening in my head. I realized this morning when I was sitting in the taxi I saw a young man without a shirt on who was talking to a whole group of people and I thought, he looks so unself-conscious in his body. I wish I felt that way that I can literally feel the judgments I have. They feel like an extra layer of skin or a coat that I am wearing. I know this may sound strange, but I can literally feel it on my skin.

And then this morning I saw a link to a program that says you can do 100 pushups in 6 weeks. Ha! I thought, Im a girl. But I went to the site and the guy (Steve Speirs) says anyone can do this (it may take a bit more than 6 weeks though). Heres the site:

So, I downloaded the program for each week and Im gonna take the challenge. If I even got up to 50, Id be stronger than Ive ever been in my life.

Besides, I need a project to keep me in the present because my mind is already sitting on the beach in Aptos, California on 16 July. . . Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am returning to the States in mid-July (my plane arrives at SFO on the 15th) for at least 6 weeks. Im not completely sure because I dont know where Im going next. The three current possibilities are: Zambia (another assignment with VSO), the Solomon Islands (as a UN Volunteer if I am selected, I have an interview next week), and Jerusalem (to work for Tiri if I get the job, I have an in-person interview in London on my way back). So, pretty soon Im gonna have to answer YES when my Garmin Forerunner 205 asks if Ive traveled hundreds of miles since I last synced up with the satellites. Yippee!

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