Monday, June 09, 2008

A break in the rain

Allowed us to run Sunday morning. It rained cats & dogs (hmm or goats and sheep may be a more understandable metaphor here) Saturday for about 12 hours, but Sunday morning it was quiet as could be. So we ran two hours out past Bambui 4-corners towards Bambili (each of us going as far as 2 hours took us). Of course, as these things go, it was market day in Bambui and our route took us right through the market, which is amazingly crowded at 7am, I thought. I was a source of many, many comments that day, Im sure. It still surprises/annoys me my teammates are invisible to those who stand by the side of the road and comment, but I am not. . .

The run was pretty good. I walked about 100m up Bambui hill and then about 200m up Guiness hill. And I stopped and got a glass of water at one point. I at a GU gel before going out, which Ive never done before, and it bothered my stomach some. And my right hip was bothering me. It gets really tight. I should not have skipped my yoga on Saturday morning. (I was seduced by having just received gigabytes of podcasts that I wanted to listen to and adorable little kittens lying on top of me in bed. . .)

Well, I think I may be back in the US as early as the middle of July for 6-8 weeks. Then I am most likely going to take a new assignment with VSO in another country. So now I’m considering the possibility of running a marathon somewhere in late July or mid-late August. San Francisco would be an obvious choice but its a darn hilly course. Although the second half is almost all downhill (if the course is the same as it was a couple of years ago when I ran the half). Im planning to be in Boulder, CO the first week of August, so might try a race there either the first or second weekend of August. Anyone with recommendations?

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