Monday, June 23, 2008

My last few weeks in Cameroon

Yesterdays long run was out past Bambui 4-corners to the Seminary and back. And Im beginning to realize that Im soon going to be in this is my last run here territory. Next week Im planning to be in Bafoussam for  a big celebration at the partners organization of another volunteer, so I wont do my long run in Bamenda. That means only one more long run in Bamenda. Yesterday was a good run. I did both Bambui Hill and Guinness Hill without stopping. It was quite foggy and cool basically perfect running weather.

Emmanuel came over in the evening and I loaded him up with some more stuff Ben-Gay and Tiger Balm patches and Clif Bloks! When the Mezam Stars get injured, they usually just tough it out, so Im happy to pass on common drugstore items that will help. I also gave him the backpack Id bought in India (just to transport all the books and stuff I bought there home!) and he was quite happy about that. When weve traveled, he and Benedicta have shared a bag, which can get tricky if they dont stay in the same place (which happens often as women often go to one persons house and men to another). So now they can each have their own.

Emmanuel was sad. Me too. The Mezam Stars are my best friends here in Cameroon and they definitely made my time here really great. I appreciate it tremendously. I told him he needs to learn how to use a computer, but I think its too daunting for him. He doesnt even read all that well and hes never touched a computer. Still it would be great to be in touch over the Internet. I told him Id send him a text as soon as I was wherever I am going to be and have a new phone number.

Now Ive got to figure out how to make it through the transition. Im planning to leave all my running shoes and all but two sets of clothes with the Mezam Stars. But Ill be in Yaoundé for most of a week and then London for a few days then I get to California. I have a pair of Merrell sneakers that I think I could run in a few times without much trouble, but I may have to stop at Metrosport on the way from the airport. . . I could buy a pair of shoes in London, but they cost twice as much there (thanks to the dollar), so thats not my first choice!

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