Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Oops, forgot something

I meant to write an update on my 100 push-ups project. Well, I did the initial test and it was so abysmal (and much worse than I thought it would be) that I got completely discouraged. I tried the first day last Sunday (more than a week ago) and then didnt do anything after that! But Im gonna get back on the bandwagon and start again. I decided that even if I dont do proper push-ups (either by doing womens push-ups or by not going down so far), Ill still improve my strength and thats gotta be a good thing.

The clock is ticking

And Im feeling groggy. . . I dont know why, although some part of me thinks it must be somehow related to my leaving, but Im feeling heavy and slow and uninspired and out of touch with my body. And I dont like it at all. I didnt run for three days which didnt help. I do feel better today having run this morning. But still Im running nearly 10min miles rather than 9min miles.

When I get back to the US and see a doctor, I really want to check my iron levels. Maybe thats it? Im sure I dont eat hardly anything with iron in it.

Ran out Ntasen this morning around to the Catholic Hospital and back home. 6.75 miles. I didnt do my long run Sunday morning. I was in Bafoussam visiting fellow VSO volunteer Duncan and I fell when we were walking back to his place on Saturday night and Sunday morning my knee really hurt. It seems fine now but then it was worrying me. And when I woke up, it rained and rained and rained. Of course, it stopped within an hour, but by then Id already decided to bag it and sometimes its hard to remotivate myself when I’ve made that decision. This, of course, is where the benefits of being on a team shine forth, but they werent there Sunday morning.

Now my plans have shifted a bit and Ill only be in London 1 day. Thats good. And Mike at Metrosport said he could hold a pair of Adrenaline 8s for me, so Im planning to stop there on the way from the airport. Isnt that great customer service? Yes, it is.

I will leave Bamenda either next Monday or Tuesday, then be in Yaoundé for a few days until my flight on Saturday night, the 12th. I spend the 13th in London and leave very early in the morning on Monday the 14th for SFO where I arrive mid-day. Cant wait to be there, run there, see there, eat there. . .