Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Boot Camp Week 2, Day 1

I ran over to Kezar stadium and Brad was waiting for me. I was the only one again this Monday. I guess the other women (they're all women so far) are not Monday people, but I decided that Monday morning was the best 'cause it gets my butt out of bed and the house to start the week. (For anyone who knows San Francisco, you will, I think appreciate the intensity of the workout we did if you can picture where we went.) We stretched a little bit and then started to jog out of the stadium.

He didn't say where we were going, so I'm just following, hoping we are going to head into Golden Gate Park. But he turns and heads around the top of the stadium. Then the first one -- up a semi-steep hill to the bottom of UCSF (the street that the N Judah runs on). Jog over a quarter of a block and then I'm looking at a very steep hill -- one of those that people in stick shift cars avoid. . . Up we go, Phew! And now we are in the middle of UCSF. Cross the road and go around behind Langley Porter Hospital, past the loading dock, and -- what do we have here? -- a set of stairs that go up and up and up and up and up. I actually was doing okay for awhile but literally these stairs climbed the equivalent of 10 or 12 stories. At the start of them, we are at the ground floor of Langley Porter, when we get to the top, we are above the tallest buildling on the UCSF campus. Yow!

Now we run across a small parking lot and next to a building there are more stairs -- only three stories worth this time. Through another parking lot and then there is a road which goes down to the left or up to the right. Do we go down and around and back home? No, no, no, not yet. UP we go, then up twice more to find a little park being born at the top of this hill. (Is it called Sutro hill this one? It is definitely in Sutro forest, but we're still on the UCSF side of Clarendon.) In the park we stop for a few minutes -- and do 20 pushups off a bench followed by 20 dips.

Then back down, down, down, down, down. . . the way we came all the way back to the stadium where we stretch and do abs (always abs & stretch at the end of every workout). When I started to run home aftewards my legs protested mightily. They thought we were done!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boot Camp Day 2

Today was a strength day. It is amazing to me how much damage a couple of little 5 lb weights can do. . . Ran over to the stadium and back at the end (with my muscles in full protest, they didnt like having to work aerobically after doing strength work!). We did a couple of kinds of squats and lunges, tricep and bicep work, back rows, pushups and of course crunches and some stretching. When we got to the crunches, my stomach was already sore mustve been from yesterday.

I can already tell that Im going to be sore tomorrow. . .

It was a dreary day in San Francisco. I know its hard for outsiders to believe, but it really is the most miserable, cold and wet time here. Not summer by anyones definition. It wasnt really raining; its just that clouds had descended so low that everything was dripping wet. By the time I got back home, my hands were so cold they could barely turn a doorknob. Thursday Im wearing gloves.

Ive decided Im going to do Boot Camp on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tue & Thu because those are the strength focused days and Id never do that stuff on my own. And Mondays because it is a great thing to get up and get the butt out the door first thing on a Monday morning and, even though well meet at the stadium, we will be running either in the park or up some nearby hills.

Boot Camp Day 1

Sorry for not posting any updates in a long time. Leaving Cameroon, coming to the US and being in Aptos, then San Francisco, then Boulder and now (finally) settled back in SF -- all my regular activities have fallen by the wayside. . .

So to inject some discipline into my life and get some support, and to learn some stuff to increase my strength and flexibility, I signed up for a 5-week "Boot Camp". It's nice because we workout outside and one day a week, we meet at different points around the city.

Today was Day 1 and it was primarily assessment. So, here are my stats:

Weight: 136.8 lbs (eegads. . .)
1.5 mile run: 13:20
Pushups: 7 "regular" + 10 on my knees
2 min. Crunches: 57

I'll test myself at the end of the 5 weeks and report on my progress.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are primarily strength days and we meet at Kezar Stadium which happens to be 1.8 miles from the house where I am staying. That's quite handy as running there is a good warmup and running home is a good cooldown.