Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boot Camp Day 2

Today was a strength day. It is amazing to me how much damage a couple of little 5 lb weights can do. . . Ran over to the stadium and back at the end (with my muscles in full protest, they didnt like having to work aerobically after doing strength work!). We did a couple of kinds of squats and lunges, tricep and bicep work, back rows, pushups and of course crunches and some stretching. When we got to the crunches, my stomach was already sore mustve been from yesterday.

I can already tell that Im going to be sore tomorrow. . .

It was a dreary day in San Francisco. I know its hard for outsiders to believe, but it really is the most miserable, cold and wet time here. Not summer by anyones definition. It wasnt really raining; its just that clouds had descended so low that everything was dripping wet. By the time I got back home, my hands were so cold they could barely turn a doorknob. Thursday Im wearing gloves.

Ive decided Im going to do Boot Camp on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tue & Thu because those are the strength focused days and Id never do that stuff on my own. And Mondays because it is a great thing to get up and get the butt out the door first thing on a Monday morning and, even though well meet at the stadium, we will be running either in the park or up some nearby hills.

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