Monday, November 10, 2008

Finally feeling better

Well, it turns out that going running last Sunday was probably *not* the smartest thing I ever did. Spent the rest of the week sick o sick o sick. Blech. And my back aching. Sick enough to not feel like running, but not sick enough to skip work. But, in the end I think the week of did me good and did it ever feel great to go for a run this Sunday morning. Yippee!

I ran up and across Nggosi Ridge to Tasahe and then down, down to the main road near White River, then on the main road along the coast to the ¼ mile hill leading back up, up to my house. About 5 ½ miles. Not too bad. Did another 4 this morning and feel now like Im back on the wagon.

Tomorrow I fly to Buala, Santa Isabel, my duty station. I cant wait to finally get there, get settled and get to work. Running will be challenging there, though, because the road (such as it is kind of a not very well maintained fire road) is only something less than 5k long and that includes going as far as possible on the paths at both ends. One road. Thats it. On one side, the ocean. On the other, a mountain. Hmmm. I think I need to start swimming.


Linda said...

wow, i had not realized isabel is quite so tiny.

Rev. Tracy said...

Isabel isn't tiny at all -- 181km long. It's just that there are no roads. Not, really, even any footpaths. It is essentially one large rainforest covered mountain ringed with beaches.

There area around where I live is pretty darn small -- on one side, Jejevo village is less than a mile to the far side. (Then there is a footpath that goes steeply up a hillside and about a half mile later becomes impassible.) On the other side, Bualota village is about a mile, then I discovered the road, though deeply muddy, does continue. 2.2 miles to the river. The road goes on after that, but it means running through the river (and getting my shoes wet).

Definitely TRAIL running here!