Monday, February 16, 2009

Back in the saddle, again

Last week, I went for what I wanted to be a 9-10 mile long run on Sunday morning. But at about 3 miles, I got totally fed up with the mud and I was really feeling tired. Worn out. So I turned around.

The funny thing was later in the day, my right hip started hurting bad. If I externally rotated it, it was okay, but lifting my leg hurt like the devil. After watching it for a day or so, it was pretty clear to me that it was either or both my psoas and piriformis muscles. So I didnt run for a few days and did a bunch of yoga. The yoga was difficult at times because I could move directly into the most painful motion.

Simultaneously, there is a RAMSI Police Advisor here from New Zealand who is also a Hypnotherapist and he is teaching me self-hypnosis. One day when I was practicing, I succeeded in putting myself in a hypnotic state and hated to waste the opportunity, so I just gave myself some messages to relax my hip and have it align. Well, wouldn’t you know, it worked! There was some residual pain, but mostly it was gone and I had much greater mobility. Went for a run on Thursday morning and that was just fine.

Didnt get out to run again until Sunday (mostly not very motivated, keep thinking of the mud, ugh!). I was a bit wary, so although I wore my Camelback, making it possible to run 9-10 miles, I told myself it was most important just to get out and do anything. When I was struggling through the first couple of miles, which are the hilliest, rockiest and mudiest, I kept thinking about the place beyond. . . Well, that worked. And I found myself at 2 ½ miles past all the really bad mud, past the killer hills, on the flat part and this time, I thought,  enjoy this, this is what you were looking forward to, this is why you just went through all that! This helped and I kept going until I hit 4 miles. Even though, guess what? It was pouring rain. It had been a little sprinkle here and there at first, but by about 3 miles it was pouring buckets. Somehow when it is pouring rain, I didnt care about the mud so much.

After turning around, I felt so good about actually getting a good run in that I didnt mind the rain. I had a visor on, so it wasnt hitting my face (which annoys me), I was soaked by either rain or sweat, didnt matter, life was good! After the last river, my shoes were all nice and spanking clean, which was nice. I like to look down and see them all shiny.

Its nice to be back in the saddle, as they say.

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