Monday, February 23, 2009

My Feet Hurt

I dont usually cross post to both my blogs, but Id like the most people possible to see this:

My feet hurt. This has been going on for awhile, but it seems to have gotten worse over the last few months. I have a hard time describing the pain, but Ill try. Im hoping someone else has had something similar or maybe heard of this and can tell me what it might be or give me some idea where to look. I dont even know what kind of doctor would deal with this.

First, if I am sitting or laying down (sleeping), there is only pain if I flex my feet outward. The pain is on the outside/top. Otherwise, they feel fine. But when I get up and stand on them, it is quite painful for the first few minutes the pain diminishes over time as I move around. The pain runs from just below my ankle, maybe a little in front to before my small toe. It is mostly a dull achy sort of pain, but when I first wake up or get up from sitting, it is quite sharp but the sharpness may be my surprise that my feet hurt.

The pain doesnt seem to increase or decrease in relation to what sort of shoes I wear (mostly I wear flip flops except to run). I havent done systematic research, but I think it might be somewhat worse if I run without the Amfit orthotics I usually wear. (I know this seemed to be true once or twice here in Buala, although I dont think it was true when I ran without them in Honiara the difference? Buala is rough, rocky trails, Honiara is roads.)

I dont think the length of my runs makes any difference, but Im not totally sure about that. I ran a nice 9 miles yesterday, out to Guguha Community High School. The feet never heart while Im running, nor while Im walking. But afterwards they can.

If anyone has any advice, tips or resources, Id surely appreciate it. This is really starting to bother me.

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Harold said...

i have the same thing it feels like i have droped something hard on my foot the pain is so bad i wake out of a sleep
it has gotten worse in the last few months
i can get it to feel better by taking the heel of my other an push hard down on top of my foot an move it around it started in my right foot once in a while now in the last two months it is now in my right an left an happens every night some times i cant sleep
because it happens about every 20 min. or so