Monday, March 02, 2009

You'd think I was falling apart

Well, I only ran twice last week. On the up side, my feet are hurting less, so maybe running is a factor. And I did do 4 sessions of yoga, so I wasnt totally out of touch with my body.

But I was having a very bad week and then Friday morning, when I was going out to get some water from my tank, I slipped on the stairs and fell pretty badly. I thought I might have broken my arm. Thought it enough that I walked over to the hospital after a morning meeting and got an x-ray. But no break. (Slightly disappointed, like I was in 4th grade or something. . .). So my right arm is badly bruised and hurting as is my right calf (every time I go downstairs, I feel it very tight). Because of that, general laziness, agitation leaning towards depression, I didnt run Friday, Saturday, Sunday or this morning (Monday). Hmmph.

I need to get out there tomorrow, though. I know where this sort of thing leads and it aint pretty. Not pretty at all.

I didnt do any yoga over the weekend either, so Ill try to do some of that tonight, just to test and see what really hurts and what is healing.

One thing to share: I have a Nintendo DS Lite which I havent really used much. But I was inspired to pull it out the other day and really look at the programs I have. One of the programs I have is Lets Yoga! And Ive used it 3 times now and its actually quite good as a yoga program. It gives me lots of options, lets me create my own sequences, and even has a teaching module. Except for the fact that each session begins with Time to start Yoga! and ends with Good job! (rather than Namaste), its pretty good.

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bong said...

I pray that you get better soon so you can resume your running. I love reading your posts and the pictures are great too. I wish I'll have the oppurtunity to see other cultures too like what you do. Take care and have a good week.