Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weight down, Running up, Yea!

Yes, indeed, I am running pretty well these days and since Ive come to the Congo, Ive nearly lost all the weight I gained after leaving Cameroon. Sometimes the universe just makes it so abundantly clear where you are meant to be. If only I would always listen!

So, Id like to lose about 5 more pounds (about 2kg) and then Ill be perfect, but Im pretty darned chuffed (as my British friends would say) with my body even now.

Tomorrow Im scheduled to run 12 miles for the first time in a long, long time. But I think Im ready for it. Ive run 10mi each of the last two Sundays. Two weeks ago, the easy 10 most of it on our one paved road and then last week, the hard 10 out through Kadutu which included more hills, nearly all dirt road, and dodging crowds of people. So, tomorrow, Ill do the easy 12 extending the paved road route as far as possible in all directions and then next week either do a shorter run to recover or do the hard 12. The paved road is pretty limited unless I go down through the port and head north. Theres a Chinese company thats been extending the pavement that direction. I havent been out there in 6 weeks or so, so I dont know how far theyve gone, but the part of the road from the centre ville down and past the port is massively crowded with cars and so not terribly inviting.

Today is 15 August which means it rains. And it did. Not much, just a bit. But apparently its a signal. Every year it rains on 15 August and then we have 2 more weeks of the dry season and then the rainy season starts for real the beginning of September. Today a couple of my colleagues were telling me that it really rains. Very hard and all day long. Oh joy! Thank goodness I have a pair of trail shoes because my entire neighborhood is now under about 3-4 inches of dust which will pretty instantly become mud when it rains. As long as I dont kill myself slipping and falling, and I can keep the right frame of mind, it might be fun.

Ill keep you posted.

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