Monday, October 19, 2009

Ups and downs

I seem to be in a motivational trough at the moment. The week after my last post, I went up to Goma for a meeting and while I was there, I ran in my Vibram FiveFingers for the first time here. It was great 4 miles but my calves! Oy, they hurt like. . . for more than a week. Why did it they hurt so much from running on the lava soil of Goma when this didnt happen (not to this extent) when I ran on the beach in Zanzibar?

When I returned from Goma, I got a cold. Too many sleepless nights, too much sugar, too much beer and too much stress. Not a big surprise all in all. But something about the cold really sapped me. Even now, though I have few symptoms, I often feel like I am not getting enough oxygen and Im tired as a result. And then I just dont feel like running. So I ran a few times last week, but havent run since Thursday (today is Sunday). Im heading to Kalemie on Tuesday and will be on the road for the next month. Im hoping that will re-motivate me. We shall see.

It is interesting, though. I really feel like God is trying to teach me to be nicer  and more forgiving to myself. So, I’m trying that.

I tried, again, to look for an online coach. But every time I post to any runners forum anywhere, I either get no response at all, or someone is snarky with me. I dont really understand this. I know there are lots of online coaches. But maybe they really arent interested in helping fellow runners but just want to post some generic plan and make lots of money? Id hate to think that, but I’m surprised that no one seems at all interested in working with me. I mean, I can pay a reasonable fee. I just need a personalized approach because I run on what are essentially trails (not a lot of pavement here in the DR Congo) and I have some food allergies that mean I cant follow most of the advice in Runners World. But I’m not *that* weird. . .

If anyone has any ideas or recommendations, Im interested.