Sunday, August 08, 2010

And now a run back at home

After the biking adventure yesterday, I felt emboldened this morning and decided I would actually get out and run. It took a bit longer than usual because when I woke up, as has been true for the past week and a half that I’ve had this cold, there was lots of sneezing, blowing and coughing to be done to clear things out.


Yesterday, I had thought of biking to this place, Cité des Jeunes (city of youths), which is supposed to be beautiful, but to get there you have to go through one of the busiest areas of town and I wasn’t interested in fighting with cars and matatus on my bike. But I was pretty sure Sunday morning would be relatively calm, so I decided to go out that way, even though I doubted I would far enough to reach the place.


So the run took me downtown, almost to the central market and then a turn south on a road running along the railroad tracks through the quarter called “Kenya” because a lot of Kenyans live (or used to live) there. This took me past the fish markets (where I was glad I wasn’t able to smell very well) and the wholesale veg markets. A train actually passed by moments before I had to cross the tracks, which is a pretty rare sight. Although there is a rather formidable fence along the rail line (made of pieces of the railway) there were spots at rather regular intervals where the fence was broken and people crossed the tracks at will.


It was 9a or so by the time I got to Kenya and even though it was Sunday, there were quite a lot of people out and working. In fact it was quite easy to distinguish between the workers and those on their way to church. Those on their way to church were mostly either groups of women or families and one could smell the Palmolive soap a good 200 meters away. Cleanly scrubbed, wearing their best clothes, fathers walking hand in hand with small daughters in frilly dresses and patent leather shoes – yep, they’re on their way to church.


The run went well. I was tired when I got to the long hill at about 5 miles and even more tired when I turned the corner and there was another hill, but I managed both and in the end did 7 miles. I could feel the congestion in my chest when I finished and I have had no voice all day, but it felt good to actually get out and move.

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