Sunday, August 08, 2010

Update on US trip with photos

Sorry I haven’t updated the blog. I really should have because I was back in the US mid-June to mid-July with plenty of running adventures. I participated in the Shambala Moutain Center course “Running with the Mind of Meditation and Yoga” (which I found out at the course has recently been written up in Runner’s World, June 2010). Early one morning a bunch of us went for a gorgeous run in the mountains around the center. It was a great run up until I twisted my ankle bad when we were still 2 miles (straight down) away from any sort of road. It was a bad sprain, though I think having to walk two miles on it might not have been such a bad thing. Definitely was a great exercise in being present.

A week later I was in Portland, OR to run the Foot Traffic Flat marathon on Sauvie Island (4 July). I am very pleased to report that, despite the sprained ankle, I finished the marathon in 4:32. The whole race went really well and now that I’ve accomplished this, I’m psyched to train for another, maybe in March or April in France. I also got to meet my coach Tory Klementson, for the first time, which was great.

Also, I got all kitted up while I was back in the US. Got a pair of the new Brooks “Green Silence” which are my favorite, favorite shoes. I think I’m in love. In addition, I have several “minimalist” shoes to try out. Terra Plana Evo’s (which I quite like), Feelmaz Osmas (haven’t run in them yet) and the new VFF Bikila’s which I like and find much more comfortable than my VFF classics. I also got a pair of VFF Treks for the rainy season. Yes, yes, I can be a bit Imelda Marcos-y when it comes to running shoes. . . I also picked up some new running bras, including 2 Champion bras that have hooks at the back. After horror stories in my youth, I swore I would never wear a running bra with hooks  or anything plastic or metal. However, this bra has a padded cover and because I bought it at Title9, I was able to try it with the promise of being able to return it if it didn’t work. Well, I loved it so much I bought a second! Kudos to the manager of the Palo Alto Title9 store who has converted me. One of the most comfortable running bras I’ve ever worn.

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