Friday, November 11, 2011

The 100 Up Challenge

If you read Christopher McDougall’s latest article in the New York Times, “The Once and Future Way to Run”, then you have heard of the 100 Up. In the article, he talks about this exercise used by W. G. George in the late 19th Century to become one of the best milers in the world.


It is very simple. You basically do 100 (that is, 50 on each leg) high knee raises each day.


Within minutes, it seemed, one guy threw up a website: and another created a Facebook group: both with the idea to get a bunch of people to try this for 30-days. So, I joined the FB group and I’m going to give it a try. Will it make me stronger? Will it improve my form? Will it make me faster? We shall see.


This morning, I was just jumping around a bit to loosen up before my run and realized that I had done 10 “Ups” without even thinking about it, so I just continued and did 100 (of the “major” version). I was surprised because I thought they’d be harder and that I would have to start with the “minor” version, but there you go. So, one day down, twenty-nine to go!

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