Thursday, April 12, 2012

Running in Dorset

I apologize for not writing for sooo long. As I was winding down in Namibia, all my attention went to finishing up there and figuring out where to go next and, though I kept running, I didn't stop to write about it.

So I ended up in Southern England. Dorset to be precise. Hilfield, a village halfway between Yeovil and Dorchester to be even more precise. I am staying at an Anglican Franciscan Friary here which is experimenting with a broader kind of community focused on caring for the land they have, including now 4 cows, three sheep and a bunch of chickens. It's a beautiful place, but very different than Katima Mulilo!

So here are some photos taken while running:

It is very green here, despite a lack of normal rain. However, it seems that perhaps the rain was just delayed as it has started now and it rains at least a bit every day. The biggest adjustment for me has been the temperature. It is very, very cold by my standards. I can't run barefoot (though we had one nice week where I was able to run barefoot in the afternoon) and usually wear leather shoes and wool socks. Boy, it takes a lot more preparation to run in this weather! No more throwing on shorts & a top and heading out. This has definitely confirmed that I cannot live in the north. This is just not my place…

I'll be here for another month and a half or so and then I'll be heading to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route. I'm packing very light (using an OMM 20L adventure pack), so I may even run a bit of it if I'm inspired. My intention is to do as much of it barefoot as possible.

Oh, I got a pair of SoftStar RunAmoc Dash shoes ( and they have saved my life! They keeps feet warm (which the Moc3s I had did not do), they fit beautifully (yeah for laces) and the ground feel is still pretty good (second only to barefeet). I've run on road and trails in them with no problems (no gnarly trails, though). I also have a pair of SoftStar Roo mocs which are my daily shoe (though they're not good in the rain). If I must wear shoes, these are the best I've found so far. I can't wait for SUMMER!


Jeff Gallup said...

Wow.. what a change in environment! But it's cool the great places you've been able to run. Look forward to hearing about Spain!

Ann said...

Hi Tracy,
I've lost track of your e-mail address (we met in Yaounde in 2008), but wanted to give you a shout-out b/c I just learned about a documentary on Ugandan LGBT activists, screening at this year's Frameline festival. Sounds like you won't be in SF to see it, but I imagine you probably know a lot of the folks involved in the film. Hope you're well!
--Ann (